“Carrie recently edited two publications for me. In both instances, she did superior work. She not only made corrections, but she included notes explaining why she made them. She is very meticulous, and went the extra mile to make sure I could understand the reasons for her suggestions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
–Dr. Emily Edwards, author, Ready & Waiting

“Carrie has edited my business web site as well as an essay for my blog. It is her habit to deliver more than expected. Her trademarks are thorough fact checks in addition to careful edits and thoughtful suggestions. The value she delivers is worth far more than the fees she charges.”
–Kyle Stallings, managing partner and co-founder, Permian Basin Acquisition Fund

“Carrie recently edited a cover letter for me and I was so impressed with her professionalism and close attention to detail. Rather than simply crossing out errors and inserting the ‘correct’ punctuation or wording without explanation, she asked questions and offered options to enhance my writing. This gave me the freedom to choose an option that would enhance my cover letter but would still sound like me, rather than an overly polished, edited version of myself. The finished product was a letter that clearly, concisely and authentically conveyed my skills and experience.” –Stephanie L. Jones, Coordinator for Academic Affairs in a higher education institution

“With impeccable attention to detail and sensitivity to my voice as a writer, Carrie edited several of my medical school application essays. Despite space and content restrictions, Carrie helped me write in a concise, clear manner that still conveyed all the necessary information. Additionally, she clarified a few punctuation questions I have always wondered about. She was a huge help!” –Ashton Kilgore, medical school applicant

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